Ski Mountaineering in Georgia - Mkinvartsveri / Kazbek (5054 m)

This trip is an alternative to the >> ski touring package, designed for experienced ski tourers and alpinists primarily interested in skiing on summits ranging from 4000 m to 5000 m. The main objectives of the tour are Mkinvartsveri (or Kazbek, 5054 m) and Maili-Khok (4600 m). Mid-April to May are the ideal period for ski touring and ski mountaineering, as temperatures are milder than in the winter and the snow cover around Mkinvartsveri is at its maximum. As the snow line is usually too high to ski in lower elevations, we head directly to the Altihut, a comfortable and cosy base for all tours. The comfort of the hut and full board ensure good rest before each trip. The area around Mkinvartsveri holds several 4000 m ski summits, such as Ortsveri (4222 m) or Maili-Khok (4600 m), a good variety in terrain complexity.


Opened in 2018, AltiHut is the first modern mountain hut in Georgia and built with sustainability in mind. AltiHut is reached after 4 hours on skis from the village of Kazbegi/Gergeti (Stepantsminda, 1800 m). Located at 3014 m, the hut is a perfect location to ski lines on and around Mkinvartsveri, including 4000 m summits in a glaciated environment. The hut offers full board (included in package) in its own restaurant, with a selection of fine drinks to round off the experience. The ski touring package includes also 3 nights with food in a comfortable hotel in Stepantsminda.

Group size and skill level

The trip is limited to a maximum of 3 people and requires a good background in ski touring, solid off-piste skiing skills in variable snow conditions on slopes of 35 degrees, and good physical fitness. The tours involve between 900 m and 1800 m vertical in high altitudes. Experience in glacier travel and using ice axe and crampons is recommended. 

Logistics and itinerary

  • We meet you in the morning in Tbilisi at the easily-reached MPlus shop, where we also go through an equipment check. Most equipment can be rented here before we leave if you need (or have forgotten) gear. Soon after our driver takes us to Stepantsminda. After a short food break in Stepantsminda we ascent to the AltiHut. The tour takes around 4 hours, with fantastic views to the picturesque Tsminda Sameba church and Mkinvartsveri.
  • The next two days we acclimatize, skiing (for example) to the Kesi Pass (3619 m) or Ortsveri (4222 m).
  • Well-acclimatized, we depart for an extended tour up the Gergeti glacier. Depending on weather and snow conditions and considering group fitness, we aim to climb and ski Spartak (4517 m) or Maili-Kokh (4600 m). Both are excellent, glaciated ski summits, with stunning views to Mkinvartsveri and other 5000 m peaks (Peter has climbed and skied all 5000 m peaks of Georgia and can provide information on most high peaks visible). The tour leads up the Gergeti glacier to the Kazbek plateau (4450 m), and turns west towards Spartak, with the option to continue to the elegant east ridge of Maili. Very few people ski on these peaks despite their high alpine character and moderate terrain. 
  • On day five we aim for an easy ski tour (ca. 800 m vertical) to rest the legs a bit. The tour is chosen based on conditions. This day may also be a reserve day in case of poor weather.
  • Day six - ski tour to the summit of Mkinvartsveri! This is a big day with 2000 vertical meters. An early start ensures we can keep a moderate pace that preserves energy. The tour leads up the Gergeti glacier to the plateau (4400 m) and a saddle at 4880 m. The steep (to 40°) last 100 – 150 m may require crampons and an ice axe. Depending on conditions, we ski back the same route or, alternatively, the more direct south face (to 35°).
  • On the seventh and last day, we descend to Stepantminda and drive back to Tbilisi. 
  • If you are lucky and have time, you can explore and enjoy Tbilisi with me on the following day. 

Prices and what is / is not included  

from EUR 2300 per person

What’s included:

  • 6.5 days ski touring with an ACMG ski guide who has pioneered many ski descents in the area.
  • 7 nights accommodation and food on full board basis (inc. packed lunch) in AltiHut.
  • All transport from Tbilisi and back. 

What’s not included: 

  • Travel to and from Tbilisi
  • Alcoholic drinks 
  • Ski touring equipment. If you have any equipment requirements get in touch. 
  • Insurance for cancellation, rescue, and medical expenses

Dates 2025

19 - 26 April
 10 - 17 May 

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