Peter Schön

ACMG Ski Guide | Ski Alpinist | Photographer

Ski Guiding 

I am ski guide certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG), avalanche technician (CAA Ops Level 3) and SVELAV avalanche course instructor based in Norway and Georgia. I guide ski tours in Northern Norway and the Georgian Caucasus, with an emphasis on Arnøya/Kågen (Norway) and Stepantsminda-Kazbegi (Georgia). Both are areas in which I have pioneered many ski routes. In addition, I guide around Skjomen/Narvik, another Scandinavian favourite. I focus on small groups and individual tours, aiming for flexibility and high professionalism at the same time. 

Avalanche Courses  

Avalanche training and courses have been a long passion of mine, with countless AST (Avalanche Skills Training) courses taught in Norway, Sweden and Georgia. Since 2023, I run Swedish SVELAV (Sveriges Lavinutbildningar) Freeride 1, Freeride 2 and PRO 1 courses. These course take place in Duved and Snasahögarna (Sweden) as well as Narvik (Norway). 


I am also a ski alpinist and mountain photographer. My ski expeditions have led me to the mountains of the Andes, Caucasus, Tian Shan and Scandinavia, with several first ski descents along the way. Images from these journeys have been published in magazines such as Alpinist, Black & White Magazine, Schwarzweiss or the American Alpine Journal. A selection if images is presented here, as these journyes played a fundamental part of shaping my passion for the mountains before becoming a professional guide.
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